🎥Streaming & Content

Are you a streamer or content creator?

To create a great community and we think players content is the best to attract new members. For this reason we would like to reward everyone who help us achieve our goals.

Streamer or Content Creator

Everyone who create content about our project will get rewarded Rewards will be in-game Event Coins or Coin of Luck[Donation]. Reward amount will be given depending on quality and content on the video/stream.


Video/Stream should contain only content from Lineage 2 Kain Project. Video/Stream should contain our server name. Video/Stream can be a promotion video - daily activities - sieges - epics - olympiad. Video/Stream can be on Facebook/Youtube/Instagram/VK or any other Multimedia/Social Media platform. Video/Stream must be posted on ⁠our Discord by the creators.

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