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Information regarding our community board and system features.

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đŸ’Ŧ Voice Commands

.cfg/.menu - Control Panel

.offline - Set Offline Store

.autofarm - Auto Farm System

.vote - Vote Reward

.relog - Automatically Restart your character

.aa - Converts all Seal Stones in inventory into Ancient Adena

.changepassword - Change Password Window

.acp - Auto Potion System

.combinetalisman - Auto Comine Talismans at inventory

.lock - HWID lock your account

.recovery - Recover deleted items

.7rb - Dragon Valley 7 Bosses quest to see what bosses are left to kill for complete quest

.repair - Repair Broken Character

.openatod - Open all Ancient Tome of the Demon at once

.ping - Check current latency ping between your connection and host

.notraders - Hide all Offline Stores

.nobuffanim - Hide skill animations

.sellbuff - Start Selling Available buffs

.dressme - Open Visual Dressme System

✅ Attendance Check

Attendance Check is our Daily Reward system

By login every day at our server Attendance Check window will appear

You can also access the Attendance Check window by going to Menu >Attendance Check

To claim your reward you have to be online for at least 30 minutes.

Rewards are HWID protected.

🎛ī¸ Control Panel

You can access control panel by typing .cfg

📊 Monster Data

Monster Data will give every information regarding Monster Drops/Spoil/Stats and Quest Related monsters.

By selecting the monster of choice it will as well give you exact location for each selected monster.

📜 Auto-Quest Start

Automatic quest starting for Enhance your Weapon at level 55 and Legendary Tales at level 80

✨ PA Points

By playing and staying online every HWID get rewarded with PA Points.

Every 5 minutes every player gets 25 PA Points. Premium Members get 40.

You can exchange your PA Points with General Items through the PA Points Multisell.

👗 Dressme System

.dressme to access the Dressme System

The Dressme is only Visual Appearance to your selected item (Armor/Weapon/Shield)

The Selected Visual stay with the item even if you exchange or sell it

🔄 Auto-Farm System

Auto-Farm is free for everyone.

You can select your Class/Role , Select Attack Skills , (Chance) Debuffs , (Self)Buffs , Heal Skills

As well select the range of target search.

🔃 Auto-Augmentation System

After you follow the default way of inserting the required items you have to select the desired augmentation option and then press Augment, the system will stop only it your chosen option was found.

🔁 Auto-Skill Enchanting System

Once you open Enchant Skill tab the Auto-Enchant option will appear.

You can select to enchant your skills with Giant Codex or with Giant Codex Mastery as well select the desired enchant and just press Start Auto Enchant.

The System will stop when it reached the desired Enchant.

🛍ī¸ Product of the Day

When opening Community Board you will be able to see Product of the Day.

Every day the item will change randomly, the item have a limited stock and as name say 1 day period.

Products of the Day will always be Cheaper than Donation Store.

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