📂How to download

How to download and install L2Kain.

In order to play you need to follow the steps provided below.

  1. We do not use normal High Five client so in order to join you need to download our Client.

  • You need to download L2Kain Updater in order to install our Game Files into the client you have just downloaded.

Once updater is downloaded you can move the updater into the folder you have just created and start it, the updater will begin to check the files and update the neccessary files required to play L2Kain.

As well you can use patched files containing the neccesary files to play L2Kain.

When the patch is downloaded you can paste the downloaded files into the Client Folder and Start to play the game from L2.exe found in system-eu folder.

Accounts are Auto-Create

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